With August coming to an imminent end, we must prepare ourselves for the onset of fall.  Fall is acutally my least favorite season for several reasons.

1.  School year begins – Stress accelerates for parents, students and teachers

2.  Earth experiences death and decay

3.  Debris from dead foilage clutters lawns

4.  Jackets (a Black Hole opens to consume lightweight jackets which are required only in the early morning or late evening)

5.  Halloween – the stupidest holiday known to man

6.  Cold mornings and nights

7.  Sinus infections, colds and other infectious diseases begin to spread

8.  Dark mornings

9.  Dark evenings

10. Higher electric bills

Technology and Maturity

It is more difficult for old people to learn new things.  Although I enjoy learning, my  brain keeps screeching, “Stop trying to stretch me this far!”  Life is supposed to be simple when you retire.  Few interruptions disturb the day’s agenda.  Why would anyone, who hopefully will turn 61 in a few months, feign interest in blogging?  Afterall, is it wise to spend what little time he or she has left trying to keep up with the world?

Hello world!

I love flowers, especially flowers that bloom for me.  I live in the woods, so there are many challenges in growing anything with a brightly colored bloom.  On my next few posts I will feature some of the flowers that we have enjoyed this year.The Rhododendrum